I've got a bunch of new stuff in the game over thanksgiving break. I'm pretty excited. Indy doesn't interact with all of them but it's a start.

Here's what I did -
  • Added the snake - he slithers back and forth.
  • Added the arrow shooter, which I call the grump. 
  • Added the gates that move up and down when you step on a button. But once you step off the button it closes, so you'll need to find a bag to put on the button. This is a really fun feature that I'm pumped on.
  • Added a particle system - smoke particles when you're sliding, and random pebbles from the ceiling drop

It's getting to be more of a 'real game' with these additions. I'm pretty terrified of the actual level design. For me that'll make or break whether it's fun or not. That'll start happening soon.

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