A downloadable guzzler for Windows and Android

Live vicariously through the best damn baseball player that ever picked up a cold one. Brewskies, Burgers, Smokin' Hot Women - This must be paradise, right? Well, a paradise if not for those pesky old cocktails!

In this quick game, you'll head over to the bar to show these boys how we do it. Then, suddenly, tragedy happens! I won't spoil the rest, but it's truly an edge of your seat experience.

"You'll never spend a better 5 minutes in your life. Apart from the time you lose your virginity." - Rodney Dangerfield(posthumously)

"This gol darn game sure beats the piss outta scoopin cow pies all day" - Farmer John

"ruffle ruffle ruffle this is a true marvel of human ingenuity ruffle ruffle ruffle" - aliens. That's right, I sent the beta to real aliens and it blew their minds!


Boggs.zip 9 MB
Boggs.apk 17 MB

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This is incredible.

Thank you very much, I appreciate that!